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Saudi Academy of English Center

1. Our
Saudi Academy is the leading provider of English language training and has a reputation for excellence in Saudi Arabia. With 30 years of training experience, we have the expertise your organization needs to meet tomorrow’s challenges. We employ highly qualified and qualified teachers and instructors from citizens and non-native speakers and offer more than 1,000 hours of courses per year. The Teaching Center of the Saudi Academy was opened in Riyadh in 1983.

2. Corporate training
We have 30 years of experience in corporate training in Saudi Arabia. We provide specialized training in areas as diverse as banking and biotechnology and work with national and international companies, governments and ministries.

The Saudi Academy was established as a leader in the quality of English language training in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia today offers a dynamic business environment and organizations are increasingly asking to help us train employees in skills that help them meet the challenges of an English-language world.

We recognize the need for flexibility and responsiveness. Every organization we work with has different needs and objectives. We design courses dedicated to meeting the training needs of organizations using global resources and modern materials. We encourage customers to give us access to examples of their foundation documents so that we can integrate them into training courses.

3. Custom English Courses (CEC)
Our dedic
ated courses help participants perform their jobs more effectively by improving their business communication skills in English. Whether your organization is in medicine, IT, banking or retail, we can provide the language training you need.

4. Goals
e Saudi Academy offers ESP English courses for specific purposes. The Saudi Academy dedicated to CBEC (Business English Courses) or CTEC (Corporate Technical English Courses), designed to meet the business language training needs of Saudi institutions, by improving the business communication skills of English participants. CBEC or CTEC is a unique combination of business English or technical English and personal skills training, such as “presentation and technical writing skills” that use the Council of Europe Framework (CEF) to describe communicative language ability. The specific course objectives are determined by needs analysis. See sections 4 and 6 below.

5. Course content
Through the ESP, CBEC or CTEC course, we conduct a detailed analysis of the needs before offering the course program to clients. Our needs analysis consists of a meeting with client organization managers to discuss high-level business objectives and known skillgaps, and consult with course participants. This allows us to formulate a course program that the client then agrees to.

6. Methodology
Our cbec or CTEC courses focus on developing skills and communication strategies in a practical context. We use approaches and communication tasks such as “role-playing” or simulations that allow participants to practice and demonstrate the ability to communicate in the most realistic way possible. For example, the task may be to prepare a presentation about a new product for the Royal Saudi Air Force or to draft a business report. Everything has to do with the duties performed by the participants in the work.

These process courses are designed to improve the ability to communicate, speak and write. Each session involves language input, discussion, and “mission” construction, usually in the form of “real play” or simulation, which allows participants to practice and demonstrate communication ability in the most realistic way possible. For example, the task may be to respond to a real customer’s query via email, or to provide ROYAL Saudi Air Force products at a conference. Everything has to do with the roles played by the participants in the work.

7. Trainers
ur trainers are qualified native speakers and native speakers with extensive international experience in language and skills training. The institutional training team has experience in designing tailored training courses and creating results-based motivational training programs. Instructors will be assigned to the courses later.

8. Evaluation
Course participants are evaluated using the “continuous assessment” system, where there are a number of resident tasks during and at the end of the course. Participants must complete at least five tasks assessed for the final grade, while the trainer also takes into account the overall progress of the participants in the ability to communicate during the course.

9. Materials
Our customized courses use traditional English course books. However, our instructors can collect customized course materials using materials based on the documents of the client organization.

All participants will be handed the Saudi Academy of Materials file. The course’s resources will consist of materials created by the Saudi Academy’s team of trainers according to

9. Quality contro

The Saudi Academy takes a global approach to quality control. Our Customer Service Standards (CSS) ensure a high level of customer service.
Our Customer Service Standards (CSS) ensure a high level of customer service.
Our Customer Service Standards (CSS) guarantee a high level of service to clients.
Our customer service standards (CSS) ensure a high level of customer service.
Our Customer Service Standards (CSS) ensure a high level of service to clients.
We conduct annual internal audits of CSS and three annual External CSS audits, which include:

  • Quality training
  • Customer Service
  • Product quality

Course Features

  • Lectures 5
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 50 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 0
  • Assessments Yes