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Saudi Academy is a full service Training provider accommodating the global community since 1983 in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. from our centers in Dammam and Jizzan, we provide language training, language assessment, and vocational training services to individuals and corporations worldwide.

Who We Are

Over the span of two decades now the Saudi Academy has been engaged in developing training programs and educational methodologies that best serve the needs of trainees in the fields of Business, Management, IT, Computing, Vocational, Technical and language training. The academy is especially reputed for its short-termed courses system which has been put in place by professionals in the field. Open as always to business development with a heart and a mind set on catering for the needs of the ever evolving training market in the Kingdom, the academy has lately updated its system. It effected substantial changes to its diversified pool of programs to meet the criteria set by major accreditation bodies; the aim being to earn these programs local and international accreditation down the road.
We provide: .
  • English language training, language assessment
  • Business and Management Courses
  • Technical& Vocational training services
  • IT& Computing Courses

Our Vision

Saudi Academy facilitates the provision of quality training and learning opportunities for Saudi companies to meet their corporate needs.

Our Mission

Saudi Academy is a human resource development organization that is value-driven, customer-focused, and technology-oriented.

Our Message

Maintains academic Arabia to providing the highest possible levels in the field of training and providing educational and training services is unprecedented for individuals and institutions, as we work to provide the best working environment to motivate faculty and staff to give their best, each according to distinguish in all fields.

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